Ireland is famous for its emerald green landscape. Ireland is one of the most fertile places on earth. The mild climate and long growing season coupled with fertile soil and ample amounts of precipitation culminate to create an ideal growing environment.

Landscape maintenance is a four-season activity. Just as you prepared for summer in your spring landscape maintenance, so in fall you need to prepare for what winter will bring. And regardless of what landscape maintenance tasks you undertake or the time of year that you undertake them, always keep safety first and foremost in mind.

There are formal gardens, Victorian gardens, Japanese gardens, and decorative vegetable gardens too.  Depending upon what plants you grow in your yard, your workload can be minimal or a lot and would require the help of an all-inclusive, tree service company.

What is landscape maintenance?

The term landscape maintenance in the narrow sense means maintaining elements that are already in your yard such as your lawn, shrubs and trees. However, maintenance can also mean installing new plants, flowers and trees too. The care or lack thereof with which you prepare your yard for the long growing season can set the tone, for the whole year so make sure you get your landscaping off on the right foot during the right season.

Fall / Winter: Landscape maintenance for winter really begins in fall, in the form of preparation. Among other steps to take, you may want to consider protecting your plants from frost and/or wind damage. Don’t put this task off until the last minute; it will be much harder to do if you wait until weather conditions outside make work miserable.

Spring: When you hear mention of “spring cleaning,” you probably think of the indoors but the outdoors, too will be in need of some sprucing up after a long winter. Whether you practice organic weed control exclusively or compromise and use herbicides, make sure in spring you stay ahead of weeds, or they will quickly take over.

Summer: For all the anticipation with which we look forward to summer, the fact is that summer landscape maintenance can be rather overwhelming. Therefore, it pays to stay on schedule when caring for your garden landscape because once you fall behind, it becomes that much harder to catch up. 

Should you have questions or doubts about when you should plant what, or when and what tree you should trim, or how you should mulch or fertilize – consult a landscape professional to keep your garden and yard looking its best.